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Sunday, January 21, 2018

#52ancestors: Post Three: Permelia Hairston Noah

In my files, this is labeled Mattie and Permelia Hairston. However, I believe the woman on
the left is Permelia and the woman on the right is Mattie. If this is your family and you can
compare photos, please tell me what you think.

This photo is thought to be Phillip A. Hairston
and his sister, Permelia. I believe it was taken about
1917 during Permelia's last visit with her brother. 
This week's writing prompt is longevity. I chose to write about Permelia Hairston as one of the known children of John L. Hairston, Permelia Hairston lived longer than all of them. Some of her siblings are thought to have died as children. Sister, Mary Hairston Gilbert, is thought to have died about 1875. Her sister, Mattie (Martha Elizabeth Hairston) died at 72. And, my great-grandfather, Permelia's brother Phillip, died at the age of 65. 

Permelia Ann Hairston was the second of seven known children of John Lewis Hairston and his wife Eliza. She was born in Bradley County, Arkansas on March 15, 1843, but spent most of her childhood in Hinds County, Mississippi as her family moved to that area by 1847. 
This was found in the Baylor County Banner in
September 1917, a little more than a month before
Phillip Hairston died. Note that Permelia was
J.O. Noah's grandmother, not his mother. J. O. Noah
was the son of Oscar Edward Noah and Mamie Lou Allen. 

Permelia married Joseph Sidney Noah on June 11, 1865, in Hinds County. It is said that soon after, the entire family left for Texas, first stopping in Arkansas. Permelia's father was in Falls County, Texas by 1868 as he married Cynthia H. Moffit on September 21. 

I have not been able to find any record of Permelia or her husband in any state on the 1870 census. Her father cannot be found that year, but her sister, Mary Hairston Gilbert, is living with her husband Tom and their children in Falls County. The 1870 census is said to have omitted a large number of persons in southern states.

In August of 1870, Joseph Sidney Noah purchased land described as being part of the Jonas Brewton head rights survey in Falls County. It was very close to the Criswell cemetery and within close proximity to Limestone County. 

Falls County, Google Maps

Joseph Sidney Noah died in 1873 leaving Permelia a widow with two boys -William W., born in 1866,  and Oscar Edward, born in 1871. 

In 1874, Permelia's father, John L. Hairston, borrowed $344 dollars from her guaranteeing the payment with his current crop of cotton and corn on his farm where he resided on Big Creek. 

Permelia purchased land on Brushy Creek in Falls County from her father in 1879. 

1880 Census - Falls County
The 1880 U. S. Census showed Permelia living with her two sons, her father, her brother - Phillip A. Hairston and his wife Lodema, her sister - Martha E. Hairston Chisum and her family, another sister - Sarah Jane Hairston, and two Gilbert children.

Permelia sold the land she purchased from her father to George Hope in 1883 and by 1884, she was living (and paying taxes) in Erath County, Texas. 

Permelia's 18-year-old son, William, died on November 15, 1834. He is buried in the Bethel School Cemetery in Erath County. 

The following year, on September 6, 1885, Permelia Noah married A. J. Lackey. By 1890, her husband had left the home and, in 1893, Permelia Lackey filed for divorce and requested to change her name back to Permelia Noah.  

From at least 1900 until her death in 1928, Permelia lived with her son, Oscar Edward Noah, and his family in Erath County. 

Permelia was 85 at the time of her death on November 14, 1928. She is buried in West End Cemetery in Stephenville, Erath County, Texas. 

 Note that she was not the only Permelia Hairston. Permelia Hairston, the wife of J. N. Hairston, lived in Waco, Texas.  Two others found on the 1870 census were in Alabama and Virginia. 

Permelia Ann Hairston Noah is #54 on this family chart. Click to enlarge. 

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday's Photo: A Closer Look

I've posted at least one of these photos previously. I would love to know the identity of the people in these photos. One is possibly my Aunt DeRay Bryan. The others could just be neighbors or friends.  However, I hope they are family - maybe Hairstons, Bryans, or Criswells. The photos were probably taken in West Texas. I always kept these photos together as I thought two subjects were in both photos, but tonight I blew them up and realized I was wrong!

These are definitely two different women.

These MIGHT be the same girl. What do you think?

I believe the young girl on the right is my aunt, DeRay Bryan.
This would date the photo at about 1915.
I think she looks a lot like this woman. Could the woman be DeRay's mother, my grandmother?

If that's DeRay on the right, could her sister, Marie be the girl on the left?

Looking closely at this photo, I noticed all women had the same 
sheer fabric on their dresses. Three have gingham. Any thoughts? 

Not sure about this little guy

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Family photographs and documents from the collection of Diana Bryan Quinn

Thursday, January 18, 2018

From the Files of Marguerite Cook Clark: James Rupert Bryan - Son of Albert Brown Bryan and Ida Mae Cook

James Rupert Bryan was the first child of three children (all boys) born to Albert Brown Bryan and Ina Mae Cook.  He was born on August 1, 1916 and died 22 years later December 19, 1937. 

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Family photographs and documents from the collection of Marguerite Cook Clark. Accessed April 28, 2014, September 14, 2014, and November 9 to 11, 2016. Used with permission.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

#52ancestors: Post Two: Juanita Pearl Thompson Gleghorn, a Hairston Descendant

Juanita, Clarence, Ina Louise, and Andy Bowie Thompson
This week's writing prompt for #52ancestors is "favorite photo." This is one of two of my favorite Hairston photos. The below cropped and enlarged version of the photo of four of children of Floyd Thompson and Ora Cox has appeared on my blog three times. 

My cousin, Jackie, sent this photo with over 100 other photos - most not identified. My quest to identify the people in the photos led me to several cousins, one being the youngest child in this photo - Juanita Pearl Thompson Gleghorn, my second-cousin-once-removed. 

Juanita 1917
Juanita 2005
Juanita was born on April 29,1918, in Seymour, Texas, and was the daughter of Floyd William Thompson and Ora Ellen Cox. She married Donald Victor Gleghorn on Dec. 29, 1937 in Seymour. 

According to her obituary, Juanita was a longtime member of the Eastside Church of Christ. She was a homemaker, an avid seamstress, and an excellent cook. She was an art teacher for over 30 years and was the first president of the Duncan Art Guild. 

Juanita lived in Duncan, Oklahoma when I received my first letter from her in 2000. She remembered playing with my father when he was a small child, the hand-painted china that my grandfather brought my grandmother from his trips, the lye soap that her mother made for my father’s older brother, and the deaths of my grandparents.  Her family had furniture and china that had once belonged to my grandmother, Myrtie Hairston Bryan.  

My grandmother, Myrtie Hairston Bryan 1900
Painted by Juanita Pearl Gleghorn
Juanita was a wonderful artist. She and her husband lived in San Diego during the WWII where she had her first art classes. During my first visit with her, in 2001, I saw so many beautiful paintings in her home. And, as a gift, she gave me a painting of my grandmother. 

Juanita also liked to write stories. Along with her interesting letters, she sent me stories to read to my children. Juanita wrote a wonderful book for her family, The Life of A Sharecropper's Family, telling of her life growing up and other family stories. 

Juanita died on August 13, 2011. Her husband preceded her in death on May 3, 2008. They are buried in Fairlawn Cemetery in Comanche, Oklahoma.

Juanita Pearl Thompson Gleghorn is #54 in my Hairston Tree
The solid lines indicate that the connection to the family is documented while the dotted lines indicate that direct evidence has not yet been found to make the connection.
Click on the family tree to see a larger image.

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© 2018


Family photographs and documents from the collection of Diana Bryan Quinn. 

Juanita Gleghorn | Obituary | The Duncan Banner. 14 Aug. 2011. Web. 13 Jan. 2018. <>.

Friday's Photo: My Grandfather in Costume

This is my grandfather, Claude Davis, on the left and an unknown friend on the right. My grandfather's family was from Edmonson County, Kentucky. The Kuprion Post Card Studio was in Louisville, Kentucky. I could not determine a date, but know it is probably taken in the 1910s or 1920s. He was so young. This could have been taken in Louisville or the studio might have had a traveling photographer and the photo taken elsewhere. 

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Family photographs and documents from the collection Diana Bryan Quinn

Monday, January 8, 2018

#52ancestors: Post One - John L. Hairston

The solid lines indicate that the connection to the family is documented while the dotted lines indicate that direct evidence has not yet been found to make the connection.
Click on the family tree to see a larger image.

Today, I joined Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks writing challenge and this week’s prompt is to "start." I joined this challenge in 2014 and wrote 52 posts about John L. Hairston, his family, and possible ancestors. The above chart shows the family members I researched. 

I plan to focus on the Hairston family during this challenge as well, however; my format will change as this year Amy has writing prompts which will have me looking harder at my research.  

I am excited about this challenge as I have more Hairston family who still need their stories told and new information to add to those I researched previously. 

Today's post is a timeline of what I have learned about the life of my great-great-grandfather, John Lewis Hairston. This is a repeat of my post dated December 31, 2014, with only a few added facts. New information, documenting his time in Hinds County, is followed by an asterisk (*). 

1812 - #52 John Lewis Hairston was born about 1812 in South Carolina. If his parents are #11 Hugh Brown Hairston and #29 Sarah McElhaney, he was probably born in Abbeville. 

1820 - Hugh B. Hairston and family were thought to be living in Elbert County, Georgia in 1820 as H. B. Hearston was found on that county's 1820 United States census record. Those thought to be the children of Hugh B. Hairston and Sarah McElhaney are #26 James McElhaney, John Lewis, #22 Robert, #25 Vinson (also seen as Vincent), #12 Sam (also seen as Samuel), #18 Rebecca, #15 Jane, and #14 Mary.

A true return of the children of the 19th
Company District between the ages of 8 and 18
whose parents have not paid a tax of fifty cents
May 19, 1823
1823 - In 1823, John L. Hairston was found on a list of students whose parents had not paid a school tax in Elbert County, Georgia.  Listed with John L. was a James M. Hairston and a Rebecca A. Hairston also thought to be the children of Hugh Brown Hairston. #27 William T. Hairston was unknown prior to this record.

1832 - John L. Hairston, along with Hugh Brown Hairston, of Butts County, were granted land in the 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery. 

1835 -  J. L. Hairston and H. B. Hairston shared a note due to be paid on the estate of Sterling Camp, of Butts County, on July 1, 1835.

1836 - J. L. Hairston and H. B. Hairston shared a note due to be paid on the estate of Sterling Camp on December 25, 1836.

1838 - In Meriwether County, Georgia, John L. Hairston sold land situated in Butts County, Georgia to his said to be brother, James M. Hairston of Meriwether County, on November 8, 1838.  

1839 - Hugh Brown Hairston owned the north-east half of Lot 81 in the 1st District of Butts County while John L. Hairston owned the adjoining South-West half of Lot 81. In May of 1839, this land was auctioned to pay debts owed to John Hall and others. 

1840 - Daughter, #20 Mary Hairston was born between 1840 and 1842 in Arkansas.

1843 - Daughter, Permelia Hairston was born on March 15, 1843, in Bradley County, Arkansas.

1845 - Daughter, #9 Sarah Jane Hairston was born in Arkansas.

1846 - Son, #8 William Hairston was born in about 1846. He is only found, at age four, on the 1850 census of Hinds County, Mississippi. 

From the Hinds County Tax Rolls - 1848
1847 John L. Hairston and said to be brothers, Vinson and Robert Hairston, paid taxes in Hinds County, Mississippi. Robert and Vinson paid the $.50 required of each male. John paid the $.50 and tax of $1.20 on "two slaves under the age of sixty."

1848  John L. Hairston and said to be brothers Vinson and Robert Hairston paid taxes in Hinds County, Mississippi. They owned no property, but males between the ages of 20 and 50 were taxed $.50. 

1849 - Daughter, # 10 Adeline Hairston, was born about 1849 in Mississippi. She is last found on the 1860 census with her family in Hinds County. 

1850 - John L. Hairston appeared with family on the 1850 United States census record in Hinds County, Mississippi. His wife was named as Eliza (#51).

Phillip A. Hairston with wife,
Lodema Criswell and daughter, Myrtie
about 1892

1852 - Son, #7 Phillip A. Hairston was born May 17, 1852, in Hinds County, Mississippi. 

1855 - On December 8, 1855, John L. Hairston purchased land in Hinds County for $300 from Dudley D. Williams – both parties were residents of Hinds County. 

The land consisted of 79 and 96/100s acres described as the west half of the NE quarter of section 17, township 3 and range 3 in Hinds County. This plus the adjacent land purchased in 1857 gave John L. Hairston approximately 120 acres of land which he sold to George W. Prince in 1865.*

1856 - As reported in the Hinds County Gazette (Raymond, Mississippi), John L. Hairston had five stray sheep that were to be sold at an auction at the Court House in the town of Raymond.*

1857 - Land was purchased from Thomas Mount on January 10, 1857 and a final payment to Clementine Mount (widow of Thomas Mount) on Feb. 2, 1857. Described as 40 acres at South half of the east half of the northeast quarter 17 township 3 range 3 west.*

1858 - Daughter, #34 Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" Hairston was born on August 2, 1858.

1860 - John L. Hairston appeared with family on the 1860 United States census record in Hinds County, Mississippi.

1861 - John Lewis Hairston paid taxes on 120 acres of land valued at $480 in Hinds County.

1863 - The Hairston family lived in an area where heavy fighting occurred during the Civil War. Newspapers describe destitution and suffering. After one occurrence of fighting in May, it was said over 900 were wounded in the town of Raymond. No mention of casualties.*

The location of the Hairston family's home in Hinds County, Mississippi. 

1864 - Mary Hairston married # 21 Thomas B. Gilbert in Hinds County on September 19, 1864.

1865 - Permelia Hairston married Joseph Sidney Noah on June 11, 1865, in Hinds County, Mississippi. 

On October 10, 1865, John L. Hairston and his wife Louiza of Hinds County sold land to George W. Prince, also of Hinds County, for $600. 

1867 - On June 3, land in Hinds County, belonging to J. L. Hairston, was sold at a Sheriff Sale to satisfy a debt.* 

Clearly written as Hairston - November 3, 1870
1868 - John L. Hairston married Cynthia H. Moffitt on Sept. 21, 1868, in Falls County, TX. In a transcription of the faded ink in the courthouse marriage book, John L. Hairston was written as John L. Houston. His name, along with his wife Cynthia, in later land records confirmed that John L. Houston was indeed John L. Hairston. 

February 13, 1869
1869 – Cynthia Hairston sold land to Harris Kay at Blue Ridge in Falls County, TX on February 13, 1869.  John L. Hairston signed the deed.  

The Houston Telegraph, April 14, 1870

1870 – On April 2, 1870, the Hairston home was consumed by fire. John L. Hairston, Phillip A. Hairston, Mattie Hairston, and the Noah family cannot be found on the 1870 census. John's daughter, Mary Gilbert, and her husband and children were living near Marlin and his wife, Cynthia, was living in Marlin. 

1872 - According to his obituary, Phillip A. Hairston was married to #17 Lodema Walker Criswell on January 3, 1872, in Falls County, Texas. 

1873 - Permelia Hairston Noah reported on her application for a Confederate pension that her husband, Joseph Sidney Noah, died in 1873 in Falls County. It is said by family that Joseph Sidney was kicked in the head by a mule, resulting in his death. 

1875 - Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" Hairston married #44 James C. Chisum on November 4, 1875, in Falls County.

The Hairston Family in 1880
1880 – The 1880 U. S. Census showed John L. Hairston living with son, Philip Hairston, and other family members in Falls County. Cynthia Hairston (spelled Houston) was living with or near her son.

1881 - A release of land on the waters of Bushy Creek, to John L. Hairston on November 1, 1881, was found in the Falls County Courthouse. This was not filed until 1887.

1883 - Phillip A. Hairston and wife, Lodema, sold land to L. Jeeks of Limestone County, TX on September 5, 1883. This land was on Bushy Creek in Falls County. Phillip, Permelia, Mattie, their families, and probably Sarah Jane moved to Erath County at the end of the year. 

No record was found indicating that John L. Hairston had died, remained in Falls County, or moved to Erath with his family.  

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